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Carrer Castaños, 21, Mataró, Espanya

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661 504 679
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Sajolida Gastroexperiencies

El Masnou

Artisan catering, personalized and Mediterranean.

I’m Anna and Sajolida Gastroexperiences is my way of making you happy while enjoying gastronomy.

My cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean and Menorcan tradition (and yes, there is also travel and fusion cuisine).

After owning a restaurant, a rotisserie and having done nautical catering among other gastronomic adventures, being a private chef (or nomadic and freelance chef) allows me to create unique and tailor-made gastronomic experiences, which is what I enjoy most. If you are looking for a creative cuisine linked to the territory for your events, retreats or pop ups. I’m the right one. I work with small groups to be able to guarantee a genuine, exclusive and full of flavor experience.

Seasonal cooking, produce and intense flavors define my way of understanding gastronomy, from the garden to the plate, or rather, from the environment to the plate. The experience of discovering the landscape through quiet cooking, slow food, is what I convey to my dishes. An honest, creative and above all artisan cuisine.

I grow some of the vegetables I cook in my garden and use reclaimed varieties whenever possible. So I cook Km3. I also take advantage of the walks in the Serra del Montnegre to collect some edible wild flowers and plants that bring a link with the earth to my dishes. I ferment, preserve and dehydrate so that I can have products and enjoy them all year round.

Am I “her”?
If so, ask me for a virtual meeting to talk and make you a tailor-made proposal.


  • Private chef
  • Retreats
  • Gastro “saraos”
  • Catering service for small groups


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