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Immersions in nature (forest baths) adapted to different groups to reduce stress and increase well-being

Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, is a guided practice developed in Japan in the 80s and already fully introduced within its health system, in order to prevent and reduce karoshi (death from excess stress).

Humus Therapy offers corporate forest baths for all those companies that want to invest in well-being (emotional, physical and social) and in improving the interpersonal relationships of their collaborators/workers.

Forest Baths with Humus Therapy

Through the practice of different activities through the senses, you work on full attention and reconnection with yourself and the environment, thus reducing states of anxiety, stress and exclusion, promoting a state of well-being and, therefore, a better working environment

Likewise, we strengthen the relationship with colleagues in a non-invasive, healthy and fun way by encouraging creativity, self-knowledge and the moments of pleasure that arise from being able to share the experience with others.

The forest bathing activity is always guided. At Humus Therapy you will be accompanied by Clàudia Tolosa, certified by the FTHUB as a forest therapy guide and professional.

The experience as a group lasts about 2-3 hours in the usual format (forest baths only), but different formats are also offered that can range from half-day or full-day workshops to two-day retreats.

Benefits of forest baths

Forest baths have widely proven benefits, as they are a way to prevent and work on:

Physical health (we do moderate exercise that helps us combat the negative effects of being sedentary).
Mental health (reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood, balancing our emotions, increasing concentration and cognitive functions).
Inner health (nature helps us foster creativity, innovation and critical thinking, giving us the possibility to contemplate other perspectives or new ideas).
Social health (the activity is in a group and one of the important parts is the moment of sharing with our colleagues, encouraging active listening, empathy and compassion).

Groups must have a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 25. In case of larger groups they will be divided into two.

Where to take a forest bath with Humus Therapy?

It can be adapted according to the needs of the group, but most forest baths with Humus Therapy are carried out in Parc del Montnegre and El Corredor or in Serralada Marina park.


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