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Comarca Aventura, Carrer Batlle Trias, Arenys de Munt, Espanya

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Comarca Aventura

Arenys de Munt

Segway tours to discover the Maresme region

At Comarca Aventura we offer guided segway routes through the Maresme, where you can enjoy nature and adventure on two wheels, activities for corporate and private groups, ideal for spending a different and fun day while discovering hidden places and nature routes to do in the region

Located in Arenys de Munt, the specialty of Comarca Aventura is the segway routes, an easy-to-use, fun and ecological means of transport with which you can explore natural areas. They offer team building activities to generate more cohesion and have a fun time with your team. In addition, Seagway trips can be combined with forest circuits at Bosc Vertical or even with wine tastings in Alta Alella winery for a full experience.


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