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Villa Can Bagués, N-II, Mataró, Espanya

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697 72 37 80
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Hotel Beds: 14 – Rooms: 7


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Can Bagués


Mid-century inspiration facing the Mediterranean for meetings, work breaks and group creative techniques

Can Bagués is the perfect place to celebrate your events. Located about 30 minutes from Barcelona, Can Bagúes is a unique architectural work from the late 1950s.The house has 7 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 14 people. In addition, it has a unique garden of almost 11,000 square meters with incredible sea views. The space can be customized to adapt it to the needs of each company.

If you want to enjoy Can Bagués as a company or organization, they ffer the perfect location for your new content video, annual company convention, workshop or work session.

Do not hesitate to contact them to explain your idea and we will try to respond to your needs.

Your co-workers and customers will be dazzled.


Room 1: Main room with table and chairs, tv with hdmi connection = 50.97m2
Room 2: Piano room, with armchair, chairs, work desk and sockets = 15.47m2
Large garden overlooking the sea with different areas to sit and lookout = 1,000m2
Pool area: Table, chairs and barbecue in a reserved space next to the pool and under a porch of vegetation and dim lights. A place of inspiration and team building.


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