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Campus Can Benet Vives, Vecindario de Hortsavinyà, Tordera, Espanya

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937 691 936
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Campus Can Benet Vives

Center for the harmonious development of the human being and the practice of real spirituality.

Can Benet Vives campus is a center created in 2004, designed to host activities related to the harmonious development of the human being, psychological growth and to practice spirituality.

Located on an eight-hectare property in the heart of the Montnegre Natural Park, you’ll find the campus in the middle of chestnut trees, oaks, and pines forests, less than 50 km from Barcelona and 45 km from Girona, overlooking the Mediterranean sea and 20 minutes by car from the beaches of Calella and Sant Pol de Mar.

It has everything necessary to host group activities of a spiritual, psychological, artistic, scientific, intellectual and business type. Offering high-quality facilities and a total respect for nature, while at the same time taking advantage of current technology.

Can Benet Vives is an ideal space to treat yourself to a regenerative retreat: live a few days of peace, meditate, connect with your heart, relax tensions, write and study, get lost in the woods and find yourself. Also, ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, bicycle tours, cultural visits to the hermitages of Montnegre, observation of fauna and flora, mushroom picking and others.

Spaces in Can Benet Vives Campus

Sala de l’Observar-se – 120 square meters diaphanous, large windows overlooking the sea and the mountains room. It is carpeted and has various adjustable lighting options.

Sala de les Moreres – 90 square meters room with parquet or carpet floor and high ceiling, designed for dance, martial arts, tai chi, yoga and physical activities in general. It is also appropriate for theoretical classes.

Sala de la Unió – 55 square meters room with carpeted floor, ideal for small group work, academic sessions, yoga or exhibitions.

Outdoor tent – During the summer season, the campus has a fourth room of 95 square meters, located in the garden. It has rubber floor that can be covered with carpets. It has a music system, lighting, blankets and pillows. It can be closed. It’s ideal for dynamic work in contact with nature.


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