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Búlder Planet, Carrer Antoni de Capmany, 62, Mataró, España

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937 90 91 50
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Rock climbing wall to practice block climbing from the sports leisure side

Búlder Planet Mataró is a climbing center with over 1000 square meters dedicated to the practice of block climbing. Climbing is booming and the block is a modality that, due to its low height, can be practiced without the need to have specific equipment (rope, harness…).

The whole room is prepared with mattresses to guarantee the safety of all participants and they have more than 150 routes of all levels and styles. In this way, both the most expert climber and the person who has never done it can enjoy the activity in the same space.

In addition, we have a very complete gym, a children’s area and a bar area to have a drink before, after or during the climb.

Activities for companies

Búlder Planet offers team building activities for company groups with introductory climbing activities and exercises.

In this type of sport, relationships of maximum trust are developed with the “rope” partner, to whom you entrust your safety. Only with their support and cooperation can you achieve the summit and your goals as a climber.

This is a very useful example of labor relations in professional environments where a well-integrated and motivated work team is the key to success.

Specific proposals are prepared according to the needs of each company.

Spaces for meetings

  • 20m2 room with tables and chairs (capacity for 12/16 people)
  • 30m2 diaphanous room with folding tables (capacity for 20/30 people)


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