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Passeig Marítim, 190, Mataró, España

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34 931 140 580
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Lasal del Varador


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Restaurant by the sea, sustainable and with bioclimatic architecture, with an ecological menu.

Lasal del Varador has been conceived as a comprehensive sustainable project. It is based on six pillars: bioclimatic architecture; renewable energy and energy efficiency; sustainable mobility; ecological and local cuisine; recycling and waste reduction, and sustainable use of water. We believe that, with a more efficient use of resources, we will be both more respectful with the environment and still achieve significant savings in costs.

Lasal del Varador offers Mediterranean cuisine with local organic roots. We have à la carte dishes and menus for groups.


Lasal del Varador has been built following the precepts of bioclimatic architecture. This type of architecture makes better use of natural resources, such as the sun and air, to heat, cool or ventilate spaces without the need to use energy other than renewables.


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