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Marina Port Premià, Camí Ral, Premià de Mar, Espanya

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Premià de Mar

Sustainable sailing experiences: team building, wellbeing, networking

Sail and discover physical, mental and environmental well-being at sea through teambuilding, wellbeing and networking activities.

Costabella Sailing Events offers ideal experiences to improve corporate social responsibility (CSR), strengthen team cohesion, motivate workers, build customer loyalty, develop leadership and decision-making skills, improve communication, etc.

Benefits for the company:

  • Improved teamwork, cohesion and communication.
  • Increased motivation, confidence and commitment of employees.
  • Strengthened leadership and decision-making.
  • Improves well-being, reduces stress, improves mood.
  • Implementation of sustainability and blue economy policies.
  • Generation of new business opportunities.
  • Positive impact on brand image.

Outstanding experiences:

Coastal regattas – Sustainable Teambuilding: conquer the waves with your team! Are you looking for a teambuilding experience that really tests your team? On board a sailboat, your team will face a unique challenge: to sail together efficiently and strategically to win the race. It encourages:

  • teamwork
  • cohesion and trust
  • leadership and communication skills
  • adaptability and problem solving
  • motivation and a positive atmosphere

Sailing Cruise – Sustainable wellness: Embark on a sailing adventure and feel the freedom of the sea on an unforgettable cruise. Connect with nature, create a relaxed, relaxing atmosphere and learn about sailing with your team, clients or collaborators (lunch, workshops, meetings). Share a unique wellness experience that allows you to:

  • relax and fight stress
  • strengthen relationships
  • connect with nature (peace and harmony)
  • learn and develop navigation skills
  • have fun and share an adventure

“LLotja” America’s Cup Barcelona 2024. Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup. Experience the 2024 Copa América in Barcelona from the sea aboard a sailboat.
More than just a regatta, the America’s Cup is a living story of passion for the sea, innovation and sportsmanship.
Since 1851, this international trophy has captivated the world with its demanding challenge and aura of legend and is considered one of the toughest sporting competitions on the planet, testing the prowess of the best sailors and cutting-edge technology of the most advanced sailboats.
The Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup opens on August 22, 2024 and consists of several events culminating in the final match or duel that takes place in October.

Our mission is to create sailing experiences that combine well-being for health (mental and physical), adventure, learning and sustainability, using responsible practices that minimize environmental impact and maximize social benefit.


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