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Carrer Castaños, 21, Mataró, Espanya

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Sajolida Càtering

El Masnou

Artisan catering, personalized and Mediterranean.

Sajolida Catering is the result of the experience of the team formed by Adrià and Anna. Adrià at the logistics part and Anna in the kitchen.

Anna was a political scientist and Adrià a child educator, but they decided to form a team to materialize Anna’s passion for cooking and gastronomy. Trained at the Osona School of Hospitality and with specialized training in vegan cuisine, pastry, seasonal cuisine and having completed an internship at the Alicia Foundation, she has become a curious cook who enjoys cooking to make people happy who cooks for

They work with local products and do it in an artisanal way. Theyr menu is linked to the seasons and they try to ensure that their proposal has a base of Catalan producers.

Sajolida Càtering’s proposal is very Mediterranean, a bit of here, a bit of Italy, a bit of fusion with other gastronomic cultures. They have vegetarian and vegan options. They are not specialists in vegetarian cuisine because the Mediterranean diet is in itself rich in vegetables and legumes.

In their caterers you will find conventional crockery and compostable single-use crockery, based on 100% recycled cardboard or palm leaf.


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