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Platja dels Pins, S/N, Pineda de Mar, España

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34 697824470
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Pineda de Mar

Fresh and homemade cuisine by the sea

Located on Platja dels Pins in Pineda de Mar, L’Escora is a pub, bar and restaurant that offers fresh, home-style cuisine by the sea. At l’Escora they cook everything from Mediterranean cuisine to signature dishes, tapas and sandwiches. Your corner to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues while tasting a good meal surrounded by wonderful surroundings.

Don’t forget to order our specialty, the paella! One of the best on the Catalan coast. And if we finish with a homemade mojito? What do you think? Good plan, right? By the way, we celebrate weddings on the beach! Or all kinds of parties! To spend a full day at the beach. Are you up for it?

In addition, the Escora has the water sports and massage services of the Pineda de Mar Nautical Base.

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, weddings on the beach and all kinds of celebrations.


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